Kimberley Eley, CEO and Chief Muse at KWE Publishing

Kimberley Eley, CEO and Chief Muse at KWE Publishing

kimberley W. eley

CEO for KWE Publishing LLC

I'm Kimberley W. Eley (Kim) and I was a writer without a story for most of my life. After a lifetime of editing for others but always stuck in permanent "writer's block" myself, I discovered MY story during layoffs at my job. I became determined to find out what makes other people "tick." After a year and a half of conducting interviews, I wrote "Tickers: What Makes People...Tick!  And Pursue a Career They Love!" which I published in 2016. I FREAKING LOVED IT!

After self-publishing my book, I was constantly asked, "How did you do that?" by other potential writers.  One day, the light bulb blinked and I realized that I want to help guide others through the process!

I specialize in personal development books with practical takeaways where people share their real-life stories, and also thoughtful children's books - the common thread of both is to help people see what's possible and shift to a more enjoyable, fulfilled life.

Let's explore...what is your story? Wouldn't you love to share what you know and connect? Reach out to me and let's lasso those words from your brain and put them where others can reach them. I'm eager to help you get YOUR stories into print, too!  Contact me and let me know what YOU want to write!

I have worked with Kim several times during the rewrites of my manuscript and her input has been INVALUABLE! I think every writer, especially those of us who are just starting out, shares their work with fear and trepidation, like a mother leaving her baby at daycare for the first time; we desperately hope that our work will be loved, respected, and cared for as much as we love, respect, and care for it. In Kim, I have found the most loving and nurturing caregiver for my work and for myself as a writer! She has given me the perfect balance of encouraging positive feedback and productive constructive criticism. My work and myself as a writer are worlds better because of Kim’s input and guidance and I will be forever grateful to her!
— Aideen F., Columbia, MD
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