90-Minute Strategy Session with Kim - Normally $297 - Enter Code JRWC18S at checkout for $75 off!

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Lo Res Kim Eley_Headshots_KimBrundagePhotography_61717_106.jpg

90-Minute Strategy Session with Kim - Normally $297 - Enter Code JRWC18S at checkout for $75 off!


Enter Code JRWC18S at checkout for $75 off!

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Develop a strategy for your writing! This is perfect if:

  • You have lots of ideas and aren’t sure where to start

  • You feel stuck and ideas aren’t flowing for you

  • You’re planning to write a book and want to identify the key components of your writing so you can accomplish your goal

In 90 minutes, you will strategize with Kim Eley, CEO/Writing Coach of KWE Publishing, and gain the following: 

Your Intention

At the heart of your strategy session is your intention for your book. This is where we begin to narrow our focus.

Your Best Approach

Once we identify and explore the details of your intention, we will identify how you can best write your book.

There are many ways to write, and because intentions and styles differ significantly, there is no single, simple way to be the best. During your strategy session, we’ll explore options that will help you follow your heartspace while also addressing what your ideal audience is wanting to read.

Your Roadmap

We will work together to create a plan of action which we will call your roadmap. We’ll identify when you want to publish, then work backwards to create a doable schedule for your tasks.


Plans are great but it takes action to execute a plan. In the final step in your strategy session, we’ll identify what metrics you will measure to make sure your writing project is on task. Also, we will discuss and designate accountability measures so you will meet your goals and achieve your metrics, thus ensuring you meet your designated deadline for your writing or book.

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