Stories!  We all connect with each other through stories, and my passion is sharing them with others!  My passion for speaking come from my desire to inspire, educate, entertain and share that we all have a story worth sharing. My goal is to help female entrepreneurs and new authors find the confidence to share their words with the world through writing and publishing. Your words truly are as good as gold because each of us has a unique story to tell.

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Come Find Your FAB! - Friday,


September 14, 2018


Harnessing Our Generational Stories

“I just don’t understand that generation!!” Can you relate to this statement? It’s no wonder! This is what happens when, for the first time, 3 generations of women are fully engaged in the workplace and as entreprenuers in the marketplace at the same time. Whether Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials, FAB women believe the key to success is far beyond tolerance. It is capitalizing on our strengths together.

At this year’s FAB event, we are a setting the stage for meaningful multi-generational interactions to understand each other’s differences and how to use them to truly contribute and collaborate.

You will leave with an ability to connect with your prospects, partners, and collegues of any generation at a deeper level. Expand your awareness and take away the thinking, listening and speaking skills necessary for rich, meaningful communication.


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MidSummer Night's Author Read


Midsummer Night Author Read.png

August 3, 2018


Participated withTanya E. Hood and Cherie Blazer on the Patio of the Richmond Marriott Short Pump Hotel. This event included great conversation, readings, refreshments and an interview with each of the guest speakers.









"Those Are Fighting Words! The Love Story Behind Your Love Story"

Thursday, June 28th 8:30 AM

Love, Light & Positivity

Yemaja Jubilee, TV Host | Season 4 Finale Episode

 Yemaja and Kim

Yemaja and Kim

Guest Speaker about Love, June 19, 2018



"Your Words Are As Good As Gold! Use Content Marketing to Grow Revenue"

June 15, 2018 - Charlottesville, VA

Common House | 206 West Market Street

May 11, 2018 - Richmond VA

Meadowbrook Country Club | 3700 Cogbill Road

Kim exudes a fun energy that is unmatched!
She’s exceeded my expectations both times she’s presented to my groups. She consistently overdelivers! What a phenomenal speaker! I highly recommend her!
— Dyanne Joyner

Radio Interview and facebook live with Shirley T. Burke

 Shirley T. and Kim

Shirley T. and Kim

May 12, 2018

WREJ Radio, 101.3 FM/990 AM | Richmond, VA

Disability law center of Virginia

"Finding - and Keeping - Your Passion!"

Synapse Hub, January 16, 2018

United network of organ sharing (unos)

"Gifts - What Legacy Are You"    

Synapse Hub, December 5, 2017

Virginia VOices - With Jennifer Robbins Riley

Discussion about Kim's book "Tickers: What Makes People...Tick! And Pursue a Career They Love!"

 To connect individuals with disabilities to information, culture and community using technology and the human voice.

To connect individuals with disabilities to information, culture and community using technology and the human voice.

395 Azalea Avenue, Richmond VA, 2017


Interview with Shirley T. Burke

"Speaking from the Heart"  

WCLM Radio, 1450/AM, July 20, 2016


"Flipping the Script: Motivate to Cooperate"

Washington DC Software Process Improvement Network, - November 5, 2014

CMMI Technology Conference & User Group

"Chutes and Ladders - CMMI® - ISO Considerations" with Kate Roehling

 Kim, Bill Smith, and Kate Roehling

Kim, Bill Smith, and Kate Roehling

National Defense Industrial Association CMMI Conference,
Denver, CO, November 16, 2011




I have known Kim Eley for several years. She is a great presenter who connects exceptionally well with her audience. Her materials are carefully prepared and delivered with skill and enthusiasm. In a word, she is a “gem” for any program involving software processes, teams, leadership, process improvement and similar topics. I highly recommend her for speaking.
— Jonathan Addleston, Program Chair and Co-Founder for the Washington DC Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN)

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