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May 11, 2018 - Richmond VA

Meadowbrook Country Club, Richmond VA

June 15, 2018 - Charlottesville, VA

1024 Carrington Place 2nd floor
Charlottesville, VA 22901

"Your Words Are As Good As Gold! Use Content Marketing to Grow Revenue"

 Stories are powerful. They engage, connect and inform. But, do you know what else they do? Stories can make you money! We live in a content driven marketplace where you can share your story through social media, websites, email, podcasting, blogging and more! Are you leveraging your story to put more dollars in your pocket?

FAB communications director and Word Stylist, Nakita Rowell-Stevens, and publishing extraordinaire, Kim Eley of KWE Publishing, share mediums you can leverage to tell your stories and create revenue opportunities in your business. Kim and Nakita teach:

  • How to use your story to connect and engage with your audience
  • How to integrate your story into social media and blogging to attract people to you
  • How to use books as a tool to establish credibility and grow your business
  • Integrating stories into networking, speaking and podcasting

Radio Interview and facebook live with Shirley T. Burke

WREJ Radio, 101.3 FM/990 AM, May 12, 2018

Richmond, VA

Disability law center of Virginia

Synapse Hub, January 16, 2018

"Finding - and Keeping - Your Passion!"  

Disability Law Center of Virginia, Richmond, VA

Have you  ever started a job that you loved - but later at the same job felt like you were stuck in a rut? Lots of us!  Guess what that means?  You’re NORMAL!

So how do you keep your spark?  How do you keep your momentum when you love doing something but you feel stagnant?  What do you do to get yourself unstuck? How do you keep energizing yourself?

United network of organ sharing (unos)

Synapse Hub, December 5, 2017


UNOS Headquarters, Richmond, VA

Why is it so hard to get the right gift for someone? We want to give the “perfect” gift – and we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to “get it right.”

This presentation is a fresh perspective on giving and the “perfect” gift.

Virginia VOices - With Jennifer Robbins Riley

Click here for Interview about "Tickers: What Makes People...Tick!  And Pursue a Career They Love!" 2017

Richmond, VA

“Some have discovered what they love to do. They enjoy their work and have made a career out of doing what makes them “tick”! After a career shakeup in 2014, Kimberley Eley knew she wanted to make a life change. Along the way, Eley interviewed a man who uses flying monkeys to reach his students, a woman with a spy-like name who creates creative intrigue, an inspiring coach and teacher who defied death, an entrepreneur who travels the country with a toilet suitcase, an animal trainer who crisscrosses the country with her cat circus, a travel agent who sends her customers into the unknown, and many more!

Eley asks the questions many people ask themselves: Why can’t I have fun at work? If you love what you do, will you really never work another day in your life? Are people who are passionate about what they do really different from everyone else? “Tickers” takes the reader on a journey across America, talking with many different people who share one thing in common: They do what they love to do.” Join Host Jennifer Robbins-Riley as she speaks with Richmond Author and Publisher Kimberley W. Eley about her journey to writing “Tickers” and more! (19 minutes)

Interview with Shirley T. Burke

WCLM Radio, 1450/AM, July 20, 2016

"Speaking from the Heart"       Richmond, VA


"Flipping the Script: Motivate to Cooperate" - November 5, 2014

Washington DC Software Process Improvement Network

Washington, D.C.

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily." ~Zig Ziglar

How do you spark motivation in others?  The future success of your projects may depend on how well you can "flip the script". Understanding your team's motivation can help you get them on board and motivated for a successful project. Kim Eley's presentation will focus on how to get the members of your team excited for a new challenge....even if they are initially resistant!  Through tales of true life adventures in project management and process improvement, Mrs. Eley will offer practical tips for motivation and successful transformations.



CMMI Technology Conference & User Group

"Chutes and Ladders - CMMI® - ISO Considerations" - November 16, 2011

National Defense Industrial Association
Denver, CO


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