Does anyone use a WiiFit anymore?

In case you're not sure what I'm talking about, the WiiFit from Nintendo has a balance board and is a "fun way to get fit"!  I remember when I first got one and I was trying it out. You have to stand on the board as steady as possible...but I didn't realize that at the time!  I was too used to doing cardio and jumping all around. The object of the Wii Board was to stay as steady as possible.  When I wiggled all around, the reading of the Wii Fit Board told me I was 78 years old! I then figured out that the object of the Wii Board is balance.

How many things in our lives are "off balance?" It can happen all of the time.  After hearing lots of advice about how to be all over social media, I have learned to figure out what's most effective for my business and stick to that.  How simple!  But in the beginning, just as I was out of balance on the Wii Fit Board, I was all over social media.  You live and you learn.

It's important for anything worth our time to have purpose and intention.  Do identify what matters most to you.  Does your heart swell or sink when you think of something?  Heart swelling is a good sign that it matters. Then once you've identified these things, live with intention. If cooking makes your heart swell, schedule time to cook a meal. If playing the piano makes you happy, carve out a few minutes each day to play.

You'll figure out your balance - and what matters - when you live with purpose and intention.