Between books, the Internet, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media, there is a vast ocean of text around us.

Why create more?

Writing is more than just a record of what we want to say to someone else. Words have power.

I know this from quantum physics studies. I know this from studying the work of Byron Katie. I know this from the Martha Beck Light Writers group.

Words are magical.

You can use words to rile someone up or calm them down. You can share your words and they may outlive you.  They may outlive generations of people. You as a dead writer can get someone all stirred up even if you no longer physically exist.

I write because I string together thoughts in my head that are just screaming to get out and get themselves heard. They are not content just rollerblading around in my brain. They want light. They want to be seen, even if I am the only person who will ever see them.

My writing has saved me and gotten me through really hard times. When my mother was dying, I kept writing her eulogy in my head. I crafted it, turning the words over like wood on a lathe, removing the rough bits and polishing them. I used that eulogy and I was thankful I thought about the words while she was still alive because it was hard to think after she died because of my grief.

My writing has led me to follow my North Star. I had always been told I was a good writer. But I never used it for expressing my emotion. I just saved it for when I had to write a paper. But once I went through layoffs in 2014, I used writing to help me research how to follow my passion. I asked questions, I wrote down the answers, and I analyzed what I learned. I'd never really used writing for myself in that way. It turned into my first book. 

How will you use your magic?

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