Major shifts in publishing abound!  A book is no longer just a book.  To quote the best-selling book of all time, "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun." Perhaps there is nothing NEW under the sun...but the ways that we THINK about things changes rapidly!  Like what, you may ask.  OK, here are five examples:

  1. AHA That! Rapid-Fire Books with an impact! - By asking questions or sharing stories that will help you think about the world, or a specific pain point, in a much different way, Mitchell Levy is turning the publishing world as you may know it on its head. How? As a Thought Architect, he increases influence by authoring clients' social media enabled book in 8 hours. Putting your thoughts into the world in record speed means you can reach a greater audience as a thought leader faster than ever before!  Books are no longer a long slog that takes months and can share your thoughts in a book almost as fast as sharing through social media. Check out Mitchell's awesome website at
  2. Minibuk - Who doesn't love tiny?  Just look at the tiny house craze!  And I can't walk down the aisle of the grocery store without picking up tiny Oreos - the cuteness!  So Minibuk is on to something with their ability to print tiny books.  At just 3 1/2 by 5 inches in size, Minibuks are, well, adorable! They are ideal for speakers to carry to events and hand them out like business cards.  Since they are super light, they are easy to mail, too. You can even have your business card attached to the back of your Minibuk!  Be sure to check out the mighty Minibuk at
  3. Altered Books - Books as art!  One of the coolest trends is to take a printed book and cut away or carve the pages into shapes.  The pages become more than just a blank canvas for words but instead become sculptured wonders.  Much as pop-up books have been used for years to delight readers, these altered books make paper into a landscape, a face, a body or an animal.  Words can't do these should check out some for yourself here at this Pinterest link:
  4. DropCards - Minibuks are small, but I heard about this awesome marketing option from a fellow author which you can carry in your wallet!  Check it out - Dropcards are the size of a business card. One side of the card is your book cover. On the other side there is a one-time scratch-off code to download your material! All this costs less than .50 a card!  This is GREAT for book signings and events! You can sign the card just like a book for them to keep. Trust me - I am going to start using this with my clients!
  5. Klevercase - You love the convenience and storage of book apps on your tablet but you adore the touch, feel and look of printed books? Have I got a recommendation for you!  Check out Klevercase, a British crafter of cases for eReader, Tablet, Smartphone & Stationery. These covers look just like really cool printed books!  The Hogwarts inspired covers are just awesome!  Check out these magical designs at

So a book is not just a book anymore... Explore these clever ideas for writing, marketing and indulging in your love of books!