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Abundance, Gratitude and Fear


Abundance, Gratitude and Fear

SO MANY BOOKS!  Every time I walk into a bookstore or browse on Amazon, I am gobsmacked by the sheer number of books that are available!  As a reader, the feeling this generates is similar to a candy lover being catapulted into Willy Wonka's factory!  As a writer, however, the feeling this can generate is FEAR! My lizard brain starts cranking up the fear mode and I think thoughts like:

"Everything interesting has already been written."

"I wanted to write about that topic but there are already 20 books on that topic from better known writers!"

"Why bother? It will take me forever to write it and then I don't know if it is good enough."

OH LIZARD BRAIN!  You are the worst!  Does this happen to you, too?  How do you tackle the lizard?

By recognizing an abundance mentality and experiencing gratitude.

Abundance mentality shakes off the fear.  Well, you can't shake off fear altogether, but you can move it out of the way so it is not an obstacle and is more like an annoying gnat. I recently read "You Are a Badass at Making Money" by Jen Sincero. She gives lots of great examples of people who are successful. One of these people, Sandra, says about becoming successful "I got up and did the work. Thoughts and beliefs are key...I love and approve of myself, I am open to all the good and abundance of the Universe, I know what I'm doing, I deserve success and respect and awards and money and the best the world has to offer, there is plenty of money and prolific prosperity for everyone...especially me..."

Love this!  Sandra's thinking with an abundance mentality made her successful with money. This abundance mentality applies to writing too.  Realizing that there is prolific prosperity for everyone makes you realize it is OK if others have written about the same subject that you are. SO WHAT. Each of us has our own unique voice, and each book can have its own unique "voice" too. Love and approve of what you are writing and realize that you have value, you deserve to share your message, and there is abundance so that you can share success with other writers.  

Gratitude is the act of appreciating the abundance all around you. If you think about how amazing the gifts are in your life, and focus on those, and saying THANK YOU to others and to the Universe for these gifts, it puts you in the abundance mentality. And it has so much power!  According to Robin Sharma, "Gratitude is the antidote to fear." 

Chuck the fear!  Add abundance mentality and gratitude.

"Oh wow!  I can't wait to get my message into the world!"

"Thank you Universe for that kickass idea!"

"I will transform my life while writing this book, and lift my voice to share it with others and lift them up, too!"

"I will write SO MANY BOOKS!"

Gratitude is the antidote to fear.
— Robin Sharma