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June 1, 2017 - Reboot


June 1, 2017 - Reboot

As a fan of movies based on comic books, I love a good reboot! Who will play the lead?  Who are the villains? Familiar stories take on new power as we recreate them. We love the way we know what will happen, or know what to expect, but with a shiny coat of newness!

Welcome to my reboot! Last year, I started my company, KWE Publishing LLC, and wrote and published my first book!  It was AWESOME!  And happened.  I'm an only child who found myself taking care of my Dad as his health declined. The highs and lows were extreme.  I published my book!  Dad landed in the hospital. I submitted the copyright for my book!  Dad fell and landed in the hospital again. I set up my website! Dad fell again.  And yes, over and over, Dad's health got worse.  In September 2016 we moved Dad into a senior living facility, not knowing we'd lose him a short five months later.

Here I stand, a hero on a hero's journey, building a new career, grieving and doubting myself and feeling joy and fear almost simultaneously every day!

Rebooting my life my dedicating myself to following my North Star has led me to:

  • Starting a business as a writing coach
  • Working with awesome clients
  • Feeding my soul with amazing life coach training
  • Becoming a Light Writer
  • Reassessing what's best for me and what I truly love - and just as important - deciding what I don't need and leaving it behind

Rebooting my business means:

  • Posting blogs monthly - regularly and consistently
  • Being active on social media (hello there!)
  • Writing another book! 
  • Attracting more clients who want to fulfill their dreams
  • Loving what I do!

I'll share all of it with you. Being an entrepreneur is not easy but it is exciting and it ignites your passion in a way that "normal" living can't! I welcome your comments.  Sharing enables us to help each other grow and learn. 

Pushing the power button, and rebooting in 3....2....1!!!