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Your Secret SuperPower: Tame Fear to Thrive

Your Secret SuperPower: Tame Fear to Thrive

How does Fear currently propel you towards your goals? Did you know you’ve got a fifth and sixth gear? And you’re not even tapping into them – YET! The key to your next breakthrough is NOT through harder work. The untrained run to get out of their life "storm" and back to the "beach" where they feel safe. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore for you. Let me teach you to thrive, especially in life's definining moments. The key is not overcoming fear but learning to command it as your very own Superpower!

“A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.” — John A. Shedd


And neither are you.

Truth, flow, bliss, and breakthroughs are waiting on the other side of Fear. Through your exploration of this book, “Your Secret Superpower: Tame Fear to Thrive,” you will learn to take the boat out into the storm and experience exhilaration that can only be earned. Exchange your nervousness for excitement. Rewrite your story around stress and learn to make Fear smaller and leverageable.

Fear becomes your fuel. Fear becomes your Coach, as it is mine. The storm may be raging on the outside but you will fortify yourself with inner calm and comfort that you can carry with you anywhere.


When the stakes are the highest, you will be at your best. You will influence those around you to also find their own calm with your new SuperPower as the model.


When you’re tired of being constantly barraged by Fear, feeling as if you playing smaller than you are, this book has your answer. Its pages contain the mindset, strategies, and tactics for you to leverage your relationship with Fear.  And this time you are Fear's Commander. Buy the book, do the work, and share your wins as you capture your new source of power in propelling your bold life adventure. While everyone else is running away, you’ll be standing in your power even in the midst of life’s chaos and setbacks.  This guidebook will change your bold. 


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