Some have discovered what they love to do. They enjoy their work and have made a career out of doing what makes them "tick"! And so can you!

After a career shakeup in 2014, Kimberley Eley knew she wanted to make a life change. Along the way, Eley interviewed a man who uses flying monkeys to reach his students, a woman with a spy-like name who creates creative intrigue, an inspiring coach and teacher who defied death, an entrepreneur who travels the country with a toilet suitcase, an animal trainer who crisscrosses the country with her cat circus, a travel agent who sends her customers into the unknown, and many more!

Eley asks the questions many people ask themselves: Why can’t I have fun at work? If you love what you do, will you really never work another day in your life? Are people who are passionate about what they do really different from everyone else?

“Tickers” takes the reader on a journey across America, talking with many different people who share one thing in common: They do what they love to do.


"There was never yet an uninteresting life. Such a thing is an impossibility. Inside of the dullest exterior there is a drama, a comedy, and a tragedy."

~Mark Twain

CLIFFS' NOTES VERSION: If you choose a life where you do what you truly love, you are a Ticker.

INTRODUCING THE TICKERS: (pictured above, from left to right)

Bill Smith - Chief Executive Officer, Leading Edge Process Consultants, Reston, VA -

Aimee and James Hartle, Craft Beer SMEs and Owners of The Bucket Trade, Petersburg, VA-

Don Aslett -Founder & Director of Varsity Facility Services and Owner & Founder of the Museum of Clean, Pocatello, ID -

H.H. Leonards - Founder,  The Mansion on O Street & O Street Museum, Washington, D.C. - 

Weldon Bradshaw - Teacher and Cross-Country Coach at Collegiate School, Richmond, VA - "My Dance with Grace: Reflections on Death and Life" on

Samantha Martin - Animal Trainer, Founder of The Amazing Acro-Cats and Founder and Owner of Amazing Animals, Chicago, IL - and

Denise Chaykun - President of Magical Mystery Tours -

Danielle Fernandez - Main Squeeze Juicery, Vail, CO -

Shiva Pillai - Owner, Hot Breads, Richmond, VA -

Dr. Constance Hendricks, Auburn University -




“Make sure your life is a Rare Entertainment! It doesn’t take anything Drastic. You needn’t be Gorgeous or Wealthy or Smart, Just Very Enthusiastic!”
— Bette Midler