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Have you always wanted to write your personal development book, but don’t have the time, patience, or inclination to write? We’ve got a wonderful option for you: Ghostwriting!

Ghostwriting enables you to tell your story by sharing information with one of our talented writers. Starting with a clear plan of your intention, message, and ideal reader, we begin with a kickoff meeting. Then, through a series of oral interviews scheduled to fit your busy schedule, our ghostwriters collect the important details and start writing!


We do the heavy lifting of writing a compelling and engaging story while capturing your authentic voice. After your manuscript is written, we share it with you for final approval.

Ghostwriting saves time, effort, and energy. It enables you to fast-forward through the writing process and get your book published!

Move over, HGTV! We at KWE Publishing are in the business of remodeling. And our preferred fixer-upper is books!

If you have already published your book but want to refresh it, reach out to us for a quote. We can help with:​

  • Book cover redesign

  • Setting up titles in Kindle Direct Publishing

  • Setting up titles in Ingram Spark

  • Updating text, including editing and interior formatting

If you have a question about book remodeling, please reach out and ask!



Would you like feedback about your manuscript from an unbiased expert? If so, beta reading may be just what you need.

Sure, you can share your writing with your mom or your best friend. But are they going to tell you the truth about your writing?

When you choose beta reading with KWE Publishing, you’ll have experts reading your manuscript and offering feedback. We will provide a critique report which includes passages from your book and areas where we feel your writing could be improved. We write this in a clear, practical way so you’ll know where to make changes.

Schedule a call today to get the feedback you need!

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