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We only collect the information that you decide to give us, and we only use it for the express purposes stated on our website (which is really just various ways of achieving your goals of writing and/or publishing!). We don’t buy data and we don’t sell it. But, be warned: we have no control over how the third-party apps use your data if you use a service provided by them. We use industry-standard practices in security and treat your information like it was our own. We’ll update this policy from time-to-time if needed, and it’s up to you to stay in the loop. But, if you ever decide you want to break up with us (and have us delete your information), or just have questions about our data collection practices and policies, please email us at: 


Now, for the longer version our lawyers said we needed: 

KWE Publishing, LLC
Privacy Policy
Effective April 2023

Here at KWE Publishing, LLC (“KWE,” “us,” “we”) we pride ourselves on being transparent, authentic, and open. We feel that you deserve to know what information is collected about you, how it’s used, and how we’re protecting it. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is applicable to all personal consumer data collected by us through our website, newsletter, and when you utilize our various services that we offer (“Services” for short). Hopefully this policy will answer any questions you may have; if not, please reach out!

The What and How of Our Data Collection: 

The only information that we collect is what you choose to provide us with, and we only use it for the explicit purpose that you’re giving the information to us for. This may include things like your:

  • Name;

  • Contact information like your email address, phone number, or postal address;

  • Username and password (if you choose to create one); 

  • Financial information (if you choose to pay for our Services online); or

  • Any random information you choose to provide in free-form areas, like through our “Schedule a Call” feature or that may get captured and noted when we chat (we would hate to forget that fun detail about you!).

We don’t purchase data from third parties, and other than the cookies required by our platform, Wix, we avoid those as well. We’re just not really website data people! But, just in case you really love to read these things, here are Wix’s Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy


Additionally, we utilize some third-party service providers (our “Service Providers”) like QuickBooks®, Stripe, PayPal, Cash App, Zelle®, and Venmo, who have their own Cookie & Privacy Policies, and we aren’t responsible for what data they collect, how they collect it, nor their use of it. That’s above our paygrade! :^D 


So what it comes down to is that we’re only going to collect and maintain information and data on you that you’ve allowed us to have so that we can provide you with the best customer services experience possible while you’re figuring out your path. 

But Why?

The only reason we collect your data and information is so that we can provide you with our Services.

Common things we collect data for are: 

  • Scheduling calls/video chats; 

  • To subscribe you to our newsletter (which is very good, and we recommend, but we won’t send it to you unless you want it); 

  • To set up an online account with us (if you choose to have one); 

  • Tech support (we’ll do our best, no promises); 

  • To pay for our Services; and

  • To store information we learn about you to help us achieve all of your writing goals and to provide the best customer service possible!

Don’t Worry: We Use Protection. 

We keep this information to ourselves, and we protect it like it was our own. We maintain administrative, technical, and physical safeguards that are appropriate for the kind of information we have about you. And while no data transmission or storage (or really, just The Internet) is 100% secure, we do our best to provide industry-standard protections against accidental, unlawful, or unauthorized access, loss, alteration, disclosure, or use. 

Sharing Isn’t Caring.

We’re not in the business (aka we don’t sell) of sharing your data with other people, companies, or the world in general. There are a few exceptions where we may need to share it though, such as: 

  • If we’re working with a subcontractor or additional parties to get your work into the world. This could be another writing coach, publishers, illustrators, etc.; basically anyone that will help us get you launched! 

  • With our Service Providers so they can provide the services we need (aka we use someone else to process your credit card, so they will collect your data through our website to make sure we get paid). 

  • If the law comes knocking, we can’t ignore it; if, at any point, we are required under law to provide your information, we will. We’re writers, not outlaws! We will only do so to comply with subpoenas, court orders, legal processes, or other equivalent law enforcement or government measures. We will only provide what is requested and necessary to share, and if we can, we will let you know what we shared and who we shared it with; it is your data, after all. 

  • To protect us, other users, individuals, and our Service Providers from any kind of harm, including financial or physical harm. 

So Then What? 

Should you ever have an issue, please reach out to us at: or you can write to us at: 

PO Box 635

Prince George, VA 23875

We are more than happy to let you know what data we have collected, what systems it’s being stored in, and you can let us know if you’d like it all removed from our system. Just a reminder though: we don’t have control over what the third parties are doing once you’ve accepted their policies (which our attorneys tell us means “once you’ve starting using their services”).  


Thanks so much for taking the time to read this whole thing; you’ve made us (and our lawyers) very, very happy! :^D  

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