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Are you having a hard time staying focused when you want to write? 

  • Do distractions keep you from writing? 

  • Do you struggle finding time to write?

  • Have you ever wanted to write a book?

  • Have you started writing a book but haven't finished?

  • How long have you procrastinated from writing your book?

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Rage against resistance.png
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Want to connect with other writers to talk and compare notes about your craft?

  • Do you want feedback about your writing?

  • Want to talk with seasoned writers about their experiences?

  • Have you ever wanted to run an idea by fellow writers?

  • Have you started writing a book but got writer's block and wished you had support from writers?

  • Would you like to refine and improve your writing?

Want to get writing, publishing, and marketing insights directly from experts?

  • Would you like to hear from and talk with a subject matter expert while writing your book?

  • Would you benefit from unbiased advice directly from a professional?

  • Would you like to shortcut your learning curve while writing your book?

  • Could you benefit from learning the latest tips and trends in writing and publishing?

  • Would you like to make more informed decisions and save time and money while writing and publishing your book?

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How do you get focused, remove distractions, and make writing rewarding?
Join a writing accountability group that is POWERFUL and allows you to achieve your writing goals! 

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Supercharge your writing habit NOW!

When you join Writing Ragers, you will have focused time to write and finish your book.


Plus, you will join a community of authors who are writing their books who will support you and provide accountability while you finish your book.


When you finish your book, your future self will thank your current self for becoming a charter member of Writing Ragers!

When you've written your book, your future self will thank your current self for signing up! 

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In his book The War of Art, Steven Pressfield talks about why it is so difficult for writers to write.


Pressfield claims that resistance is the most dangerous element to one's life and dreams since its sole mission is to sabotage aspirations. He explains steps that human beings can take to overcome this force and keep it subdued so that they can create to their fullest potential.


By connecting with other writers we can connect overcome any resistance that may be interfering with you finishing your book. WE RAGE AGAINST RESISTANCE!

Writing accountability groups address different needs that we have as writers! Inspired by academic writing accountability groups, the Writing Ragers Accountability Sessions provide a support system that will move you from occasionally finding time to write to developing a healthy, consistent, and sustainable writing routine.


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As a member of the Writing Rager Community, you can connect with other writers and discuss their work and obstacles. In addition, they give writers the chance to make friends and talk about other things beyond writing, too. It’s also a great way for writers to network with other authors who have had similar experiences and to share any suggestions they have.

Since experts have spent years studying and practicing in their fields, their understanding of their subjects runs deep. Every month as a Writing Rager, you experience a webinar with a new subject matter expert. Writers benefit from their specialized knowledge and experience. This wisdom is invaluable when you are in the midst of writing, publishing, and setting up a marketing strategy for your book.



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  • Accountability: An all-access pass to all of the Writing Ragers Accountability Sessions each month. There are five one-hour sessions scheduled every week.

    • Access to the Google Calendar

    • Emailed reminders about upcoming Ragers Accountability Sessions

    • Tracking for your writing intention. When you start, you'll identify your goal and your timeline. As your accountability partner, Kim will check in with you monthly via email. She will check with you about your goal to help you stay encouraged and on track to meet it!

  • Community: Access to a Facebook group where you can interact with other Ragers, talk about writing, and ask Kim and the Rager community questions.

    • Bi-weekly Q&A Facebook live sessions with Kim and the KWE Publishing team; submit your questions online, then during each session, discuss the questions

    • Access to an archive of questions and answers

    • Ability to share writing and request candid feedback from other writers

    • Opportunities for networking and socializing, including:

      • In-person and online get-togethers

      • Field trips to places such as the Library of Congress and conferences

  • Expertise: Monthly webinars with writing, publishing, and marketing experts who will share their knowledge and answer questions.

    • Monthly webinars will be recorded live, and the sessions will be archived and accessible to all Ragers

    • Special discounts and opportunities will be shared and made available to Ragers from experts


Writing Ragers are scheduled in one-hour blocks of time. We use Google Calendar to post when the scheduled blocks will be held.

There are five options each week for the writing times.

During each Rager session, you and other Ragers will meet up through Zoom for the one-hour writing session.

Kim Eley, writing coach and publishing consultant, will greet the writers and start the session.  

Once each session begins, all of the writers will be on Zoom but all will be muted. Kim Eley will be available during that hour for questions via the chat feature.

At the end of each hour, Kim will announce the session is over. She will track the progress of all of the Ragers.

A great and easy way to make time for your writing!


All Writing Ragers members are invited to a private Facebook group.

Ragers are encouraged to interact with one another, ask questions, and share feedback and tips.

Ragers are encouraged to send questions to Kim and the KWE Publishing team to be answered in bi-weekly Facebook live sessions.

Kim Eley, writing coach and publishing consultant, and members of the KWE Publishing team will greet the writers and start the session.  


Once each session begins, Kim and the team members will be live and reading questions from the Rager community. They will answer the questions and invite discussion from the Rager participants.

At the end of each hour, the team will record and save the sessions in the private Facebook group. That way, all Ragers will have access to and benefit from the questions and answers and the knowledge shared.

Scheduled in-person and online social sessions will be held where writers can talk about their craft and share experiences.



Exclusive field trips, retreats, and other excursions will be scheduled and shared with Ragers.

Writing Ragers is a fantastic way to bond with fellow writers and get answers to your burning writing and publishing questions!


All Writing Ragers members are invited to monthly Facebook live webinars held through a private Facebook group.

Ragers are encouraged to share with the Ragers community and with Kim and the KWE Publishing team the topics they want to learn more about.

Each month, the Writing Rager community will be informed about the upcoming sessions with the experts.

During the monthly FaceBook lives, experts in writing, publishing, and marketing topics will hold a webinar. During the webinar, they will present information about the topic and then allow for questions and answers.

All sessions will be recorded. At the end of each hour, the team will record and save the sessions in the private Facebook group. That way, all Ragers will have access and benefit from the questions and answers and the knowledge shared by the experts.

This will be an amazing way to fast-forward your knowledge about writing, publishing, and marketing topics along with your fellow Ragers!

Open Book.


1. When we meet for a Rager Accountability Session in Zoom, are we using just audio, or are we using video, too?

We will use both! When we start, Kim will greet everyone. Then, when we get started, she will mute everyone. You have the option of leaving your video on or not.

2. For the Accountability Sessions, are we interacting the whole time, or just checking in and then writing?

No, we are just checking in first and then writing. You can reach out to Kim via chat and ask questions. Also, if you want to ask a more involved question, we can use a “breakout room” to talk. 

3. Are we critiquing each other’s work or just here to encourage/support each other in our writing practice/habit/discipline?

During the Rager Accountability sessions, we are just here to support each other in our writing practice/habit/discipline. We are not critiquing each other’s work. We are writing privately and not sharing our content. Kim will prompt everyone when we begin writing to share what your goal is for that hour, but that’s optional.

However, for the Rager Community on the Private Facebook group, Writing Ragers are encouraged to share their work, ask questions in the group, ask for beta readers, and discuss questions about their own work, plus start conversations about writing, publishing, and marketing topics in general. Ragers can freely discuss what strategies have worked for them and which haven’t. They can offer encouragement and support for book launches, book signings, and events. Ragers can freely share information about editors, collaborators, designers, and agents.

4. What type of experts can we expect to learn from with the Writing Ragers’ Expertise Sessions?

In previous sessions with experts in the KWE Publishing community, we have learned about grant writing for writers to fund projects, how to create a media press kit, and how to create an expert book cover.

We anticipate inviting experts to discuss topics suggested by the Writing Ragers so we ensure what we share is relevant, intriguing, practical, and engaging.

5. Who can join Writing Ragers ACE?

As a benefit to all of the amazing author clients of KWE Publishing, every one-to-one client of KWE Publishing receives complimentary membership in Writing Ragers. Writing Ragers ACE monthly subscription is available to all other interested writers.


There is no contract. Cancel at any time and it's only $55/month to join.
Or you can pay the annual rate of $550 and get two months free (a $110 Savings). *


Join For Only


You will be charged on the same day of each month. 

Pay Annual Rate Of


Get 2 Months


You will be charged on the same day each year.


*If you are already a client of KWE Publishing, you may join the group at no cost!

Please contact us at if you are a client and want to join.

You can attend 1 Rager or Any/All 5 Ragers each week.

It is really up to you how many Writing Ragers you attend each week!  

If you have questions, please contact Kim at KWE@KWEPUB.COM

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