Testimonials about Kim eley and kwe publishing llc

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"For the past year, I have worked with Kim Eley on a life long dream of writing a book of poetry.  As a result of having the opportunity to work with her, I am very proud to say that my dream is now a reality.  It can often prove to be a challenging task when one works toward accomplishing the goal of writing a book; however, I am a firm believer that having the right person working along with you makes all the difference.  Someone that is easy to work with, knowledgeable, considerate, focused, and I certainly don't want to leave out her bubbly personality, which makes it more a delight to work with her.  When an individual is working with a person that possesses these types of characteristics, who thinks about quitting?  I count it a privilege to have worked with Kim in publishing my very first book of poetry, and I am so looking forward to working with her with publishing other books." ~Etta B., Richmond, VA    


"Kim's infectious enthusiasm and encouragement inspired me to share my stories with her after which she provided succinct and productive feedback. This process of sharing my story and getting her feedback busted me through my writing blocks. She also gave me great tidbits of wisdom on how to overcome my limiting thoughts and beliefs. Her infectious laugh can convince any avoidant writer to cut the excuses and get down to business. I thought writing had to be painful, but Kim makes it fun again!" ~Heather Z., Fargo, ND


"I recently had the pleasure of working with Kim on editing my book. Kim followed up with me right away after I sent her the manuscript, asking about my audience, my goals and what exactly I was looking for from her. She gave me a time-frame for completion and finished long before estimation. Her feedback was warm, kind and thoughtful, and showed me she had read the entire book. She gave careful thought to her suggestions, all of which were spot on. I'd work with and recommend Kim for anyone who wants a thorough review of their work, delivered with sincerity and the gentleness all writers hope for when reviewing feedback on their projects." ~Heather L., Seattle, WA


"Kim Eley was part of my support team when I decided to return to school after 22 years to pursue my Master of Business Administration degree and she is part of my support team on journey to obtain my doctoral degree. She reviewed my papers to ensure that I used the proper format, grammar, and punctuation. She did an excellent job reviewing and editing my work which led to her reviewing and editing my son’s work while working on his doctoral degree which he received in 2013. Everyone needs a person like Kim Eley on their team. Having Kim review and edit my work gives me a sense of relief and confidence that my work is exceptional." ~Emma N., Prince George, VA


"I met Kim during Christmas at Panera's. I call her my Christmas miracle because I was in great need of learning more about the writing process. Kim and I met weekly for a few months. She guided me through the process of changing my manuscript into third person, pointed out several key factors, and was actively involved through the process. We shared invaluable information about the writing field and marketing. It's true she has a bubbly personality that you will enjoy while you're in her care. I plan to continue to work with Kim through the process as I navigate my way through the field of writing and publishing. Thank you, Kim, for your support and friendship." ~Pam P., Prince George, VA