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The secret ingredient for book writing success!


Save time • Reduce stress

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What the Heck is Book Coaching, Anyway?

If you want to write a book and you don’t know where to start, it can be really stressful. A book coach can save you time and reduce your stress!


What the heck does a book coach do, anyway?

Start with your strategic plan

What's your:

  • Intention - what do you want to achieve?

  • Message - what do you want your reader to walk away with after reading?

  • Ideal Reader - who are you reaching?

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We identify the best idea to support your intention for your book.

We will help you answer:

  • What you really want your book to do, and what you want to do with your book?

  • We can help you work with your ideas to craft your outline.


Once you’ve written your book, we will do a series of reviews.

  • We give feedback about your content…ensuring the info is consistent. We will ensure your content, tone and chapter length are consistent.

  • Our amazing team of editors do content editing, line editing and proofreading.

Grammer Editing

The Secret Ingredient

We empower your mindset!

  • Writing can be stressful. Self-doubts creep in…we coach you to express yourself and share your message with confidence. 

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