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Marketing and PR Options with KWE Publishing

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Why Marketing & PR Matter

Marketing and Public Relations (PR) help you share your book with the world, boost your book’s sales, and bolster your credibility! 


You might be asking yourself, “Well, what’s the difference between marketing and PR?”

PR is focused on creating a positive image for your book and building a positive relationship with your readers, vendors, and bookstores, whereas marketing focuses on reaching customers and prospects and increasing sales of your book.

Filming Self Using Mobile Phone

Marketing and PR often complement one another, and while both share the goal of driving people to your book, marketing and PR campaigns vary. Generally, marketing campaigns speak directly to your readers (on social media, through advertisements, newsletters, websites, etc.), whereas PR campaigns speak to a wider audience (on podcasts, TV shows, through radio interviews, etc.).

With KWE Publishing, you have options to focus on marketing, PR, or both!


Ben Gioia

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Messaging & Outreach

KWE Publishing also offers a messaging/outreach package that we offer with our amazing publishing partner, Ben Gioia. He collaborates with you to provide:

  • Rebranding and core messaging so it's aligned/consistent (LinkedIn about & tagline, book description, social media about blurbs, and your Magnetic Introduction (for stage, radio, podcasts, and TV)).

  • Identifying best potential partnerships and clarifying how best to engage with them around the book.

  • Then we reach out to 1,000 of the author's best/targeted connections (on LinkedIn, within a strategic 30-day period) to have strategic conversations "about the book."  

Ben Gioia
Weston Lyon
Weston Lyon: Marketing 

Book Marketing Mastery Mastermind


  • Access to twelve (12) FULL months of my Bi‐monthly VIP Sessions, where you’ll have the opportunity to get your business, marketing, and sales questions answered in real time as well as meet and network with other authors and celebrities in a variety of fields

  • Access to a four (4) Mastermind Sessions, where me and my clients (all authors) will help you overcome any business, marketing, or sales challenges and/or show you how to leverage your book to the max

  • FREE Lifetime Access to my Book Marketing Mastery training (with over 80 marketing strategies and tactics)to help you grow your business with your book

BONUSES INCLUDE (Total Value of $3,491):

  • FREE Lifetime Access to my Powerful Authority Positioning training – a 6‐week program to help you establish your authority‐position, so prospects see you as the ONLY choice ($1,497 value)

  • FREE Lifetime Access to my Zero to Success in Less Than 60 Seconds training – an in‐depth online training on how you can leverage networking events to find ideal prospects and referral partners ($997 value)

  • FREE Lifetime Access to my Celebrity Endorsement Letter Template to help you pursue the right testimonials and endorsements for your book – even from big‐name authors and celebrities ($997 value)

FAST-ACTION BONUSES* (Total Value of $3,997):

  • A Private LIVE, One‐on‐One, 1‐Hour Coaching Call Session to find out more about your goals, your book, and your business, so we can figure out the best way leverage your time and resources ($3,000 value)

  • Two (2) LIVE, 15‐Minute Emergency Sessions to guide you when you need help with something urgent or when you’re in the midst of a crisis ($997 value)


One Payment of $2997 (renewed annually after a private review session)

PR Support

Blaire Brown

Media Magic

Accelerate your book's PR initiatives based on your niche with our marketing and PR partner, Blaire Brown.


Hometown Hero

Be featured in up to 15 local publications and multiple media contacts at each media source.

Book with Pictures

Adventures in Bookland

Be featured in up to 30 local and regional publications & multiple media contacts at each media source.

Working Mother

All Booked Up

Up to 50 local, regional, and national publications, and multiple media contacts at each media source.

Business Meeting

Calling All Authors! Two-Week PR Plan

Fourteen days of support. This is ideal to do around the same time as your book is released.

Gina McKenzie - Head Shot

My Book Is A Pretty Big Deal

Comprehensive PR experience working with Gina McKenzie, with 3 months of support.

If you’re unsure which options are the best for you, please reach out to us at KWE Publishing. We are glad to help you choose the options that support your strategic plan, share your message, and reach your ideal readers!

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