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A Dreamer's Travel Journal

A Dreamer's Travel Journal

The #epicRoadtripper

Jean Tillery is the founder of Epic Living with Jean, a company that offers integrated solutions to the problems that keep people from living their most #epicLife. She is a Certified Dream Manager, the host of #epicStories Podcast, and an Ambassador with Epicure food company.

For years her Dream List included a cross-country road trip and after battling many Physical and mental struggles, including long covid, she knew it was time to take her Power of Dreaming Message to the masses and mark that dream off her list.

The #epicRoadtrip is a project that blends her teaching experience as a home-schooling mom along with her work as a coach, leader, creator, and community builder. She set off on this trip to change people's understanding of dreams and ended up changing her own life in the process.


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