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A New Song Rises Up!: Sharing Struggles Toward Salvation

A New Song Rises Up!: Sharing Struggles Toward Salvation

Can we agree that we live in uncertain times, full of unexpected trials and circumstances that are overwhelming and excruciatingly painful? Carin Jayne Casey shares a way to navigate through challenges while at the same time enjoying peace, and not fear. She tackles through topics head-on, including how to forgive someone who has harmed you, addressing toxic people in your life, making peace despite losing family members, dealing with domestic violence, and living through uncertain times like COVID19. Her desire is to help you, dear reader, to learn from the problems you face and to become empowered, content, and at peace along your journey. That desire for your deliverance was dropped into the author's spirit as she gratefully survived horrible and life-threatening experiences and struggled toward salvation.


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    Carin Jayne Casey

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