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Authentic Love

Authentic Love

What is the best you have ever felt? Have you ever experienced a time when you felt content, at peace, and with a feeling of lacking nothing and of underlying joy? For Kimberley Arnold, this feeling occurred when she held her newborn son for the first time. This feeling, and the lack thereof throughout most of her life, directed her to the quest to understand what "love" actually is and what great spiritual masters were eluding to when they used the word "love". Kimberley's insights have led to the realization of Authentic Love which, like "love", is a noun and verb but also a spiritual process or path that leads you to who you are... your soul, and connects you to the Divine which results in joy, peace and contentment. This book provides deep and relevant insights into what Authentic Love is and how to practically achieve it.


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  • Author

    Kimberley Arnold

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