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Barris and the Clown of Trell

Barris and the Clown of Trell

New Orleans is abuzz with celebrations for Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras in 1953. Along with floods of tourists, the city is hosting other visitors, the patriarch of the Hart family, Papaw Leo and the Aunties. Barris' grandfather brings with him goodies for the Hart children, which is accompanied by odd behavior. Very odd behavior.


Floating away into his dream universe one night after an uncomfortable dinner, Barris meets his old friend Gracie. Barris and his assigned Keeper find themselves in Trell among mysterious creatures and magic. One creature in particular must come to the conclusion to accept the next magical phase of life, Monsieur Apoli. Barris, Gracie and Monsieur Apoli's assistant, Banoos, navigate the problems within the performer's tent in Trell, relive old memories and ensure that the "show must go on."


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