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Barris and the Girl of Norizon

Barris and the Girl of Norizon

It's Spring Break 1953 in New Orleans and Barris and his friends are ready to enjoy their time off from school, well everyone but Pevy. Pevy is being sent to Madame Sylvie's Charm School for Girls due to a secret at home. She finds a confidante in Barris but his reaction is anything but ideal. Upon hearing Pevy's secret Barris reflects on his life at dinner while he observes his family.


That night Barris falls asleep back in time into Norizon, dream headquarters where all Keepers live who monitor the dreams of sleeping children. He meets the infamous Grandma Lucy, but she is then nine years old and a Keeper-in-training. Calling herself "Lucille," she guides Barris around dream headquarters and shows him how to be there for his friend by her own actions. Following the news of a lost Keeper, Barris learns the history of dreams, explores if what is lost can be found, and comes to the conclusion that life is about more than just ideas of what should be.


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