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Be Heeled

Be Heeled

Be Heeled is a powerful little book displaying the immense love of God told from two women's true life experiences in a fun and whimsical way. We dedicate Be Heeled to all of those women who feel like the bottom has fallen out and even God is keeping His distance. Nothing could be further from the truth. Please know that this book was created with love and a real understanding just for you. Each chapter is an opportunity to not only embrace and relate to our story but to reflect on your own life as well. With questions to guide you and journaling space to write your story, this amazing little book can be used by a group or for personal discovery. Additionally, you will find catchy shoe quotes and refreshing whimsical anecdotes from our past to brighten up the end of each topic.


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  • Authors

    Channing Walker & Maria Ward

    Illustrated by Alice Flishbaugh

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