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Bernice and the Wonder of Pearl

Bernice and the Wonder of Pearl

It's summertime and Bernice Hart is leaving New Orleans and her family behind to spend time with her Aunties in New York City. Both being women in business in the Big Apple, they show her there's no limits in what a girl can do in life. Their neighbor, Jamay, shows Bernice around the city during the day educating her on culture, all things creative...and love.


Exhausted after her first busy day on her summer vacation, Bernice gets carried away after she falls asleep reading one of her favorite authors, Agatha Christie, and finds herself in Perna, her dream world---or so she thinks. While there, her guide Gracie, a Keeper of the Universe who monitors the dreams of sleeping children, helps her figure out where a singer named Fefe disappeared to, and what fireflies and a glowing crack in the sky leads to. Bernice and Gracie navigate their adventure, while realizing they are surrounded by other worlds and dreams, not your average weeping willows and sparks.


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