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Chocolate Chip & Cookie and the Scary Bug

Chocolate Chip & Cookie and the Scary Bug

Chocolate Chip and Cookie, a donkey and a mini-pony, are two best friends who live together on a farm, but when Cookie gets sick with the "scary bug," Chip and Cookie have to spend time apart. When Chip is worried about his friend and feels scared, he isn't sure what to do or how to express himself-could a wise adult friend help him learn to manage his big feelings?


Perfect for young animal lovers, Chocolate Chip & Cookie and the Scary Bug is a beautifully illustrated book that introduces the concept of mindfulness to children in an easy-to-understand way. Together with Chip and Cookie, readers will learn how they too can get through difficult situations by using simple mindfulness methods to help them feel calm and in control.


This book is using the Dyslexia Open font, specifically designed to facilitate easier reading for individuals with dyslexia.


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