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Death in Ruin

Death in Ruin

Sivrehya, Ivar and the others find themselves in Pyatov in hopes to save her brother, Daemon, from the clutches of the chaos mages. But, soon enough, they find out the devastation the country and its people have faced and learn that the Shao Yun Islands are next. Time is winding down, the threat of the Darkness looms over them and before it continues destroying all they know; they must reach the Islands in time and end the reign of the Wysterian twins before it begins. Among their enemies though, perhaps lies an ally that can help tip the odds in their favor, but Sivrehya, Ivar, and everyone else must learn to truly work past their shared histories and come together to fight for their world. 

Meanwhile in Rodessa, Rhiannyn is struggling to grapple with the life of being a regent in the middle of a war against a force she does not fully understand and against herself as her life crumbles around her. She is surrounded by new allies she must set aside years of prejudice to trust, because just outside Meris, the Darkness left behind is growing quickly. And she will need to fight and gather as many allies as she can if she hopes to destroy it once and for all.


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