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Discover the Power that Drives Your Personality

Discover the Power that Drives Your Personality

How Four Virtues Define Your World - Introduction to the Life Themes: Love, Justice, Wisdom, Power


To live a fulfilling life we must examine who we are at a deeper level. But how do we remember what it means to be human? How do we discover who we really are? Through the John Voris Method and the four life themes: Love, Justice, Wisdom, and Power. The John Voris Method is important because he reveals a person's truest essence and life purpose - what he calls your Life Theme. Never before has there been a method that answers your deepest questions about who you are and your place in the world. Through the John Voris Method, you will discover what gives your life: - Happiness- Meaning- Purpose- Belonging


"The Mind has only one need: the perpetual need to express our Authentic Identity through objects, relationships, and events." --John W. Voris


Throughout this book, John Voris shares case studies, stories of real people with whom he has worked who faced challengingissues. Through his assessment of and collaboration with these clients, he changed their lives.




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