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Everyone is Sleeping...But Me

Everyone is Sleeping...But Me

Meet Rihana. She's a young child who's just been sent to bed. But trying to fall asleep proves to be more difficult than she has imagined.


She tries every way she knows how to fall asleep since she's the only one in the family still awake. But nothing she tries works and she's afraid she'll be up all night in her dark, quiet house all alone.


Then instead of trying to force herself to sleep, she decides to just be still. And in her stillness, slumber comes...and she softly falls into sleep.


A wonderful story for those times when falling asleep is a challenge. It's a story that is a reminder of the art of allowing and the importance of being still.


Perfect for reading at bedtime, naptime or anytime as story time!


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  • Authors

    Valerie McCloud

    Illustrated by  Van Pontillas 

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