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Hannah Surprises Everyone (Including Herself!)

Hannah Surprises Everyone (Including Herself!)

Hannah was born with many health challenges, and with a lot to overcome, no one knew what Hannah would be able to do. But Hannah was determined to live an amazing life filled with adventure, happiness, and love-even if there were some hurdles along the way.


Hannah Surprises Everyone (Including Herself!) is an uplifting children's book that follows Hannah Setzer, a young girl born with a disability, throughout her childhood and beyond as she learns firsthand about resilience, hope, and bravery. From starting school to traveling abroad and defying everyone's expectations, Hannah's story encourages children to embrace their dreams, no matter the challenges they face, while weaving in messages about the importance of inclusion. With warmth and positivity, Hannah Surprises Everyone (Including Herself!) celebrates the amazing opportunities you can experience when you believe in yourself.


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