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Here, Hold My Wine!: Robin's Practical and Impractical Guide to Life

Here, Hold My Wine!: Robin's Practical and Impractical Guide to Life

Vintage 2019


OK, so you're checking out this book and you're wondering if it's any good. Well, I can tell you this much, if you ever find anyone who has been through as many things as I have and is still left standing, then you know I'm someone who can't be stopped. I have had many people come to me and ask me how I became so successful in life. Well, I believe, it's 'the thought process' that got me to where I am today. Nothing stops me from achieving my dreams. So now you are thinking, "is this is going to be one of those boring 'self-help' books that everyone writes? " Well, you are wrong, my friend. When you read my original stories, or should we call them, 'real life drama, ' the 'things' that happen to me are almost unbelievable experiences anyone could have, and with such bad luck. Bad there such a 'thing?' You know what they say about karma. I guess I have really pissed off someone along the way. So, should I tell you early on the crazy things that happen to me? Nah...I want you to read the book, so there you have it. But, I have always taken the 'bull-by-the-horns, ' so to speak, and changed the direction in my life by having a certain 'thought' process. By sharing my stories of life's ups and downs, I will hopefully give you a guide to my overall thought process, how I tackled each and every obstacle, and the decisions I made to keep moving forward in the direction I wanted. Hopefully, you can apply the way I approached challenges to make your life better. Cheers!


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  • Authors

    Robin F. Anderson

    Editted by Kimberley Eley & McKayla Roberts

    Illustrated by Ed Knight

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