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How to Own Working From Home: The Pandemic Edition

How to Own Working From Home: The Pandemic Edition

Are you working from home? How's that going for you?


Whether you're one of the millions of workers sent home when the pandemic struck, or you made the move from cubicle to kitchen table for other reasons, you've probably discovered the truth: Working from home (WFH) is tough.


At home, distractions and challenges reign supreme. Hurdles range from navigating new technology, to dealing with your five-year-old's full-blown tantrum during a Zoom meeting with your boss, to taking client calls from your car or even your closet. When your house is your office, at any instant your day can switch from WFH to WTF as your headspace, heart, and home all collide right in front of you.


If you're working remotely right now, you may be wondering:

  • How to stay focused, productive, and upbeat...
  • Whether there's any way to be a good teammate, friend, spouse, and parent, all at the same time ...
  • Whether you'll ever figure out how to make better WFH decisions, not lose your mind, and somehow feel confident you are actually making a difference in the world...


The answer is, you can do all those things, and more. This book will absolutely help you get there.


Written just for you by two people with big personalities, surprising stories, and an unusual willingness to get vulnerable as they share their very real successes and failures, you'll find these pages packed full of practical strategies and tactics. At the end of each easy-to-digest chapter, you'll find simple action steps designed to help you immediately apply what you have learned.


This book is powerfully uplifting, intense, and it will turn you into a remote working ninja.


Ready to own working from home?


Let's dive in!


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  • Authors

    Chris Harris & Bunny Young 

    Editted by Erin Leigh

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