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Mary Tells Her Story: The True Founder of Yeshua's House

Mary Tells Her Story: The True Founder of Yeshua's House

In 1917, when Angela Faletic was seven months pregnant, she was last beaten. This was her eighth pregnancy in nine years. Her young son, as usual, could not stop the violence. The beating caused the death of her and her infant boy. The murderer was her husband. Angela’s five children, ages two, four, six, eight, and nine never again lived together as a family. Mary was the six-year-old who grew into a tenderhearted young woman. She married a gentle man who took her to live in the country. She raised four children with love, welcomed their spouses into her family circle, and enjoyed her grandchildren and great grands. After her passing, her younger son and two daughters discovered how well her older son had managed her wealth. Daughter Angela was inspired to use her share for a God-approved cause. She began, with her gentle man, the ministry of love and refuge—Yeshua’s House! Grandmother Angela’s tragic end in 1917 had bright beginnings in 2013. Through the stories in this book, we honor you and your little daughter Mary, who lived a life of giving all her days. We honor your namesake, Angela, for uplifting the Name of Yeshua. We invite you to join us in rejoicing through these poignant, sometimes hilarious, sometimes utterly heartbreaking stories. And we invite you to rejoice with Mary Faletic Bollman, the true founder of Yeshua’s House.


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  • Authors

     Mrs. Mary Faletic Bollman, Barbara Bollman Lyles, & Angela Bollman Brown

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