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Mastering the Bucket List: From Planning to Action

Mastering the Bucket List: From Planning to Action

Our pulse quickens when we think about our bucket lists. Shaking up our ordinary routine of bills, schedules, and the regular burdens of everyday life, planning out the things we want to experience during our lifetimes, is both exhilarating and daunting.


If hearing the words 'bucket list' conjures a number of exotic locations to visit during your lifetime, you're not alone. But author Forney Shell challenges you to dig deeper.


When we think about bucket lists, why do we only think of travel? Taking a holistic approach, Shell explores the bucket list in a new way.

  • What 'flavors' of bucket lists are there? Culinary, leisure, adventure, fun?
  • Is it better for a husband and wife have one list, or should each have their own?
  • What's the right number of items you should have on your bucket list, and why?
  • Have you considered health and safety issues related to your bucket list travel?
  • And what are the real costs of insurance?


A motivational and practical guide, Master the Bucket List: From Planning to Action from travel expert Forney Shell answers these questions and more. His guidebook excites the desire for travel and also offers smart and easy ways to curate a holistic and personal bucket list. Shell's fresh approach is both inspiring and sensible, and a must-have for every family. Don't leave Earth without it!


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