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My Exquisite Purple Life

My Exquisite Purple Life

Author Aideen T. Finnola never should have made it but she did. At the age of eight, her parents joined a religious cult. For the next fifteen years, she endured physical, emotional, and religious abuse. After leaving the cult, Aideen went straight into a twenty-year abusive marriage with a duplicitous man who concealed his homosexual orientation from her. By her mid-thirties, the lifetime of abuse and love deprivation caught up with her. She had become a pack-a-day smoker, daily drinker, chronically overweight, had had two extra-marital affairs, and was on a high dose of anti-depressants because she had seriously contemplated suicide more than once. Today, Aideen is healthy, happy, and whole.


In My Exquisite Purple Life, Aideen shares poignant stories from her challenging life. She imparts the wisdom and insights she has gained from her experiences and through healing her trauma. Her optimistic, encouraging, and even humorous take on her own struggles offers inspiration and hope to all. She provides practical tools and relatable techniques to effect healing, personal growth, and transformation.


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    Aideen T. Finnola 

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