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My Eyes and Me Growing to Three

My Eyes and Me Growing to Three

As Mikey is born and grows up, his eyes go through a lot of changes!


He discovers all the ways he can use his eyes-for bonding with his family, learning to crawl, and reaching that toy he wants. At age 3, his parents take him to the optometrist to check his eyesight, and ensure he is always ready for adventure! But will his trip to the eye doctor be successful?


My Eyes and Me: Growing to Three is engaging, entertaining, and fun for parents and children to read together. Written by Dr. Lisa Bennett, this book explains how the main character, Mikey, sees the world, how his eyes develop as he grows up, and how important it is to have a optometric examination for children ages 3 and up.


My Eyes and Me: Growing to Three emphasizes the importance of bringing children to optometry offices for routine exams. Surprisingly, this is an issue, despite the statistic that one in four children have a problem seeing. Since 1996, author Dr. Lisa Bennett has been involved in efforts to increase the number of children receiving full eye exams-the same exam that adults receive. The screening at the pediatrician's office does not examine the entire visual system. To help remove vision impairment as a barrier to learning, she has spent many years going to elementary and junior high schools to give exams and now she has written this delightful and educational book.


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  • Authors

     Lisa Bennett

    Illustrated by Damien Dugger

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