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Revealing the Missing Peace

Revealing the Missing Peace

You are not your past, nor are you what happened to you. RVMP is a comprehensive guide offering direction and guidance to trauma survivors desiring to shortcut the healing process. You will discover how to skillfully navigate your trauma, abuse, story, and mind to emerge victoriously. Although trauma and abuse seem to be the "gift that keeps on giving," - revealing and owning your missing peace is possible.Sharing various tools combined with powerful stories, RVMP allows you to heal in a brand new way and be a SurvivOR using a streamlined transformation method. Readers will embrace the healing process using simple steps to guide them from the secret darkness into a peace-filled future of clarity and confidence.RVMP is no ordinary book to heal your past. It is a collection of dynamic stories and alternative methods to heal beyond your history by finding your voice because in your voice is your power. Know, you are not your past, nor are you what happened to you, and the book intends to move you through the healing process with effective efficiency to master your Life, inside and out. You will reveal the missing piece and peace to find the bold real you in all you do. The book is jammed packed with simple yet proven steps to reveal, an authentic life you have not yet truly lived, despite the success you have had. What to expect: Identify your truth and Reveal the Stories running your Life. Claim your Voice and Find your Power.Emerge Victorious over Shame and Guilt.Embrace the SurvivOR in you and Achieve a New Reality.Conquer Forgiveness and Earned Peace.Embrace the power of your mind to reprogram the past.What if you can change the past and how it affects your present and future? Revealing the Missing Peace guides those on a healing journey from the pain of abuse who want to transform and survivOR. It's your choice. Do you survive, OR? When you choose OR, you choose to live: more than survive. I hope you allow yourself to gain knowledge, insight, and tools to live an OR life. Emerge beyond your past to Ignite a robust future.Embrace the power of your mind to reprogram the past.Evolve your mind. Evolve beyond your story and your past.Disclaimer: Some of the images in this book are graphiccal to convey the impact of trauma and abuse.


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  • Authors

    Jane M. Powers 

    Contribution by Denise M. Powers

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