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The Decision

The Decision

Like the game of dominoes, each decision you make has an impact, a ripple effect.


Talia feels like she has made it in her life. She has a great boyfriend, a great job and now an incredible opportunity to level up at work. The only problem is, she doesn't feel fulfilled, and she doesn't know why. Talia has to discover what moves her heart as well as her mind, but in her journey, she learns that each step, each decision that she takes will impact other relationships in her life. Should she fulfill the status quo and live with this empty feeling inside, or should take a risk and find true happiness?


The Decision allows you to take calculated risks as the reader by literally putting YOU in the driver seat of the main character, Talia. If you've ever been on the fence about pursuing your dreams or maintaining the status quo, this is the book for you.


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  • Authors

    Nakita Rowell

    Cover Design by Micah Allen

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