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Thou Shalt Give Birth to a Comma Happy, Savage Good Life

Thou Shalt Give Birth to a Comma Happy, Savage Good Life

The intriguing life of Jennifer Rose Elliott-Finding self-contentment through: Self-Reflection, Spiritual Moments, Fighting Addictions, Facing Trauma, Standstills, Restarts, Sidetracks, Profanity, Poetry, Music, Comma Happy, Ubuntu, Motherhood, Humanity, Purpose, Servitude, Stepping Stones, SELF LOVE, LOVE FOR OTHERS-and Justice for All...


Overwhelmed by hard times and road blocks? On the verge of giving up or yielding to the punches of life? Or maybe you recognize that you have too much on your plate because you take on other people's scraps. In this exhilarating memoir, Jennifer Rose Elliott mixes her autobiography with life lessons and self-reflections, sprinkled with cuss words, scripture and meaningful poetry, in order to help you find your own path to self-contentment. She works through an early life of crossroads and how she did an about-face in order to accept her own personal journey to savage self-contentment. She realizes this path to happiness was hers to walk, and the power was found in her alone, . And you can too!


Life is full of pauses and stepping stones, from one moment to the next. But when your cup is full, and especially when it is overflowing, you can be there to help those around you in need. And THAT is the true power of Comma Happy. Comma Happy means when you love where you are at, you stay there as long as you can. So own that shit, buckle up, and enjoy the ride on this comma happy, SAVAGE good life.


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    Jennifer Rose Elliott

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