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Two Weeks in Portland: Photographic Writing Prompts

Two Weeks in Portland: Photographic Writing Prompts

Kim and I invite you to Portland, Oregon. You are taking a virtual journey to this fun and funky city, renowned for its attitude, creativity, spirit, and weirdness. Immortalized in television shows and other media, nothing conveys the spirit of Portland quite like a stroll down its streets or a walk through Washington Park. As you immerse yourself in the city, traveling via scooter, streetcar or sneaker, you drink in unforgettable tableaux.

In this second of the Two Weeks In...Photographic Writing Prompts series, photographer Kim Brundage and author Kim Eley bring you two weeks of visual writing prompts designed to spark your creativity.


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  • Authors

    Kim Eley 

    Photos by Kim Brundage 

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