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Unitive Justice: Bending the Arc of Justice Toward Love

Unitive Justice: Bending the Arc of Justice Toward Love

Unitive Justice introduces a revolutionary concept: Justice as Love, or Unitive Justice, a way to achieve justice without inflicting revenge or seeking retribution.


Written by an experienced civil trial attorney, Sylvia Clute, Unitive Justice offers a much-needed alternative to the punitive model of justice, which comes with a heavy cost to individuals and communities, by setting out fourteen Arcs from punitive justice to Unitive Justice. What begins to appear is a path from a punitive system to a unitive system.


It is urgently important that we transform our understanding of justice if we hope to create peace, save our environment, end systemic racism and other debilitating prejudices, address deep pockets of poverty, and achieve lasting positive change.


Of course, Justice system change is no small undertaking. Justice is not limited to the courts-it is all-encompassing and exists to a large extent in our minds. Unitive Justice shows the promise that Justice as Love holds for transforming our justice system and world. It is not a "quick fix" for the brokenness in the world, but it is a start. It may take many lifetimes to transform a world tethered to dualistic thinking, and yet it can be implemented by one person, in one prison pod, in one family, in one relationship, right now.


The fact that grave injustices have existed and could happen again is a compelling reason to begin to create small pockets of Unitive Justice wherever we can and to nurture them with all the Love we can muster. Practicing Justice as Love is life-changing, if not life-saving, for many involved.


With this book, readers will gain insight into the life-changing concept of Unitive Justice and discover how it can completely transform the way we approach justice. Once you experience Unitive Justice, you can no longer believe that punitive justice is the best we can do.


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