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I'm Kim Wells Eley!

If you've arrived here you probably have a story you are itching to tell.


If you're ready to start your book, you're at the right place! At KWE Publishing, our team of coaches, editors, and publishing experts work with you to craft a roadmap out of book writing hell so you can finally get your story out into the world!

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Hey there!

Join our free webinar, Guerrilla Marketing for Writers: No-Cost & Low-Cost Weapons for Selling Your Work with David Hancock, on July 23, 2024! 
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Writing a book can feel overwhelming.
We've got your back!

  • Do you feel called to share your story, but have no time to write?

  • Are you confused by all the publishing options available?

  • Even if you could finish your book, do you
    feel lost on what to do next?

Several Open Books

We'll help you tell your story, no matter where you're starting from.

The world needs to hear your unique voice! Even if you think your topic is old news, you have the ability to connect with someone no one else has ever reached before.

Our services are specially designed to help both new and existing authors to write at any stage, from the vaguest idea for a book to the fourth or fifth book in a series. 

We specialize in personal development and children's books, and selectively create books in other genres. 


Designed to help writers Get. It. Done! After developing a customized strategic plan, we'll move into project management mode. Our team of expert coaches and professional editors meet with you regularly via Zoom to provide editorial feedback and accountability.

Coaching + Publication

When your manuscript is complete, we put on our publishing hats and guide you through the convoluted publishing process. We handle formatting, cover design, pricing, printed proofs, and all the other pesky housekeeping chores. Then...launch parties!

Coaching + Publication + Marketing

We are NOT a vanity press. We give you the satisfaction of publishing your book AND helping you sell copies. Our outstanding marketing team will work with your budget to create your bestselling strategy.

You've got this.
(And we know what we're talking about!)

We understand how gut-wrenching the book writing process can be (even when you know what you want to say!) and have been publishing books since 2016. We know what it takes to cross the finish line, and we're taking you with us!


When you're head down and focused on the next word, we'll be preparing for the next step to keep you on track, on time, and on target! 

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Our promise to you:
We will always strive to be

Transparent, Authentic, and Open.

How It Works



We will create your strategic writing plan based on your answers to three questions: 

  • What is your intention?

  • What is your message?

  • Who is your ideal reader?



We will help you choose a target date for publication and work backward to create a chapter-by-chapter writing schedule, complete with collaborative editing and feedback that puts your words in your voice.



Establish pricing, set up the needed accounts to receive royalty checks, plan launch parties, bestseller days, and get your message into the world!

Happy Reader
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If you are a children's book author...

We can help you too! We have extensive experience in children’s book publishing and access to an incredible variety of illustrators. Schedule a call to learn about how we can help get your book on the shelves.

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Pssst! Do you ever wonder how authors sell their books?

Take a look at what our authors have been doing...

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Not Sure If You're Ready to Publish?

You've Completed and Polished Your Manuscript...Now what?

Download "How Do You Know if You are Ready to Publish Your Book" when you subscribe to our email list! 

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