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3 Perks of Consulting With a Publisher

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

KWE Publishing Newsletter - 03/09/23

There are so many options for authors today when it comes to publishing; self-publishing, hybrid publishing, and traditional publishing are the three big methods of publishing, but you can break the process of publishing down further, too. Do you publish an ebook, paperback, hardback, audiobook, or some combination of them all? How do you format different versions of your book? How do you get your book to wholesale distributors?

And even though we're a little biased towards hybrid publishing ourselves as a hybrid publisher, we also see so much value in self-publishing! You can maintain control over your book, and it gives you the opportunity to be very detail-oriented, which can be a good thing in many instances.

Of course, we also recognize that self-publishing can feel daunting. That's when consulting a publisher, such as KWE Publishing, can be helpful! Keep reading to find out how a consultation with a publisher can be useful.

1. Cut down on costs.

Publishing with a traditional publisher or a hybrid publisher can be costly in some cases, and for authors who want to self-publish to save money, consulting with a publisher can be a great way to ensure things go smoothly while still sticking to a budget.

The cost of consultations can vary from publisher to publisher, but consulting with a publisher is almost always going to be less expensive than traditional or hybrid publishing. This is because you, the author, will still be the one doing most of the behind-the-scenes work.

This allows you to save money and use your budget on other elements of your book, like an awesome cover, cool marketing and PR campaigns, or unique illustrations. Publishing doesn't have to be super costly to be done well!

2. Make the most of your time.

As an author, you probably want to spend most of your time writing and revising; and when you're not writing or editing, you probably want to do the fun things related to publishing, like reviewing a proof of your book or working with illustrators or designers to create an awesome cover.

There are some not-super-exciting parts of publishing sometimes, like registering your book at the Library of Congress, for example. And many of these things aren't difficult—but you have to know that they need to be done in order to do them!

A publisher can help lay out the steps that you need to take to ensure you're spending your time wisely and not spending hours researching what you need to do or missing any important steps. This will leave you with more time to spend making your book the best it can be.

3. Avoid feeling overwhelmed.

As we noted, self-publishing can definitely leave you feeling like you're running in circles, particularly if you're self-publishing for the first time or haven't previously published a book in any capacity before.

Having someone who knows the ins and outs of the publishing world means you don't have to stress about not doing something important, like getting an ISBN for your book. You'll feel more comfortable with and less overwhelmed by the process of self-publishing.

Of course, you'll also still maintain total control over the publication of your book, which is a major reason many people prefer to self-publish. And once you know what needs to be done, you'll feel a heck of a lot more confident if you choose to self-publish another book in the future!

Overall, self-publishing doesn't have to be incredibly intimidating, and anyone who wants to self-publish should have the opportunity to do so! With a little help, you can self-publish your amazing book and share it with the world!

Have you ever considered consulting with a publisher? What areas of publishing would you like to learn more about from us? Feel free to reach out, we love hearing from you!

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