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Helpful Ways to Jumpstart Your Writing!

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

KWE Publishing Newsletter - 05/11/23

You know when you have something you want to write—a really cool scene or an introductory paragraph to a new chapter—but you just can't manage to force the words out? We've all been there.

Sometimes, though, you don't have the time to just sit and look at a blank page. You're busy, and you need to take advantage of the time you do have and start writing! But this only puts more pressure on you to write...and you soon find yourself spiraling into a cycle of feeling guilty for not writing, then not writing because you feel guilty.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to start writing sooner, even if it feels like an impossible task!

1. Actively seek out inspiration.

When your goal is to write, reading others' work might seem counterintuitive. And you can use reading as a way to avoid writing if you really want, but when you seek out specific pieces of writing that really inspire you, you'll be more likely to feel motivated.

You might've heard the quote attributed to Picasso that says, "Good artists borrow; great artists steal." Of course, you don't want to plagiarize someone else's work, but that's not what this quote is talking about. When you're reading work you love and take the time to analyze what you love about it, you can pick up these writing techniques and implement them yourself.

2. Think less, write more.

This might sound silly, but sometimes, your own mind gets in the way of writing, and you might need to temporarily "turn off" the part of your mind that is being overly critical when you want to begin writing.

I'm not saying you shouldn't put any thought whatsoever into your writing, but giving yourself permission to just write in a stream-of-consciousness manner can be freeing. Whenever you start to ask yourself if something is "good enough," try to push that thought aside. If you need, you can even write the words "I'm not sure the best way to share this," and then, write it. If you need to talk out loud and just write what you say, do that!

Remember, you'll have opportunities to edit and revise later down the line. Right now, you just want to get something onto the page!

3. Create a checklist for yourself.

I don't know about you, but if I don't write something down, there's a good chance that it will leave my brain. I also get a lot of satisfaction in crossing something off of my list, so creating a list—or several—for writing can be a helpful way to let me know what steps I need to take next.

Making a checklist for your writing process can help you take small, manageable steps that will add up toward your end goal of writing and publishing a book. You can start as small as you want. The first item on your list might be to create an outline.

If you'd rather create something that serves as more of a visual reminder, you can go on Pinterest or other sites and gather pictures that represent each item you need to check off. Whatever works for you, go for it!

At the end of the day, finding ways to jumpstart your writing can help you feel more confident. Just starting will make things easier.

Do you have any unique ways that help you start writing when you're in a rut? Feel free to share with us, we love hearing from you!

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