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How To Write A Synopsis & Blurb For Your Book

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

KWE Publishing Newsletter - 01/12/23

As writers and readers, you've probably heard about blurbs and synopses. But do you know the difference between the two—and how to write a blurb and synopsis?

Let's differentiate between a synopsis and a blurb before hopping into a few how-to tips!

A synopsis is used to market your book to people in the publishing industry (think publishers, agents, and editors). Put simply, a synopsis is a summary of your book.

A blurb is what typically goes on the back cover of books. It's often what gets readers to purchase a book.

Now that you know the basic differences between a synopsis and a blurb, let's jump into some helpful tips to keep in mind when writing both a blurb and a synopsis!

What does a good synopsis include?

So, what should you include in your synopsis? Here are a few of the basics:

  • Important plot points

  • Info about the main characters

  • Overall message/theme/takeaways

Since your synopsis will serve as a summary of sorts, writing it might involve a little less creativity and a little more planning—but that doesn't mean it has to be boring! Use your synopsis to tell publishers, editors, agents, etc., about your story's overall theme and plot and pique their interest!

Your synopsis can range anywhere from 200 words to 1,000 words depending on the genre of your book.

What does a good blurb include?

Here are a few things your blurb should include:

  • A hook that draws readers in

  • A clear sample of your voice as a writer

  • An overall representation of your book

When writing your blurb, you have the chance to be creative and pull your readers in! Find an interesting hook and bring readers into the world of your book. You want your blurb to show what makes your book stand out from the rest.

Since your blurb will go to the back of your book, you'll want it to be much shorter than your synopsis. Aim for 200 words or fewer when writing your blurb.

When should I write my synopsis and blurb?

While there's no specific time you have to write your blurb or synopsis, you'll want to make sure you're firm on the major plot points in your book, your book's message and theme(s), the characters, and the world in your book.

If you're pitching your book to publishers, agents, or editors, then you'll want to use your synopsis to do this. In some cases, you might have a manuscript ready, while in other cases, you could still be in the midst of writing your manuscript.

You can wait a little longer to write your blurb since it will be used to attract readers rather than those in the publishing industry, but it's often ideal to have your blurb ready to go in time to use in your marketing materials (beyond

Writing a blurb and synopsis can be intimidating, but knowing the differences and what to include can make the process much easier!

What questions do you have about blurbs, synopses, or other parts of writing? 

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