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What Every Author Should Know About Book Tours

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

KWE Publishing Newsletter - 03/23/23

When you think about book tours, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Many people imagine big-name authors going on national—or even international—tours accompanied by an entourage of agents and publishers.

While that's sometimes the case, the reality is that any author can go on a book tour (if they so choose, of course!); there's no requirement saying you have to have a certain size audience, a particular number of sales, or reach a specific number of followers on social media.

Here are a few common questions and answers that we think authors should know about when considering whether doing a book tour might be a good option for them!

What does a book tour involve?

As the name suggests, a book tour involves the author of a book going to a variety of venues, such as bookstores, libraries, or schools to promote their book(s).

Often, authors will hold book signings or do readings at events throughout their book tours, as having some sort of activity can help hold people's attention and can pique the interest of people who might be unfamiliar with your book. Of course, you can also plan other fun events and activities during your tour, like holding raffles, playing games, or having a Q&A session.

Fun example: One of our awesome authors, Gina Uricchio, has a monthly event coordinated with her local Barnes and Noble in Connecticut! Her book, Mother Asana, is a family journal so she has fun art projects from her book that families join in on.

Additionally, book tours can involve promoting your book via others' newsletters, blog posts, podcasts, etc. The ultimate goal of your book tour is to bring attention to your book(s) as well as to you as an author (and, in some cases, you as a business owner).

Many authors find that starting out locally can be a great way to spread the word to their audience about their book. If you're not sure if a book tour would be right for you, you can always hold an event, such as a book signing, and consider it a "practice run." If events seem like an effective, fun, and worthwhile way to promote your books, then a book tour might be right for you!

Who do you contact if you want to go on a book tour?

When you want to go on a book tour, you have a few options as far as who to contact in order to bring your ideas to life.

Some publishing companies can point you in the direction of individuals who can help you arrange your book tour. In other instances, publishing companies might have someone work with them who sets up events such as book tours.

Shameless plug; With KWE Publishing you can now connect with Jean Sime, our vivaacious VIP Marketing Concierge! Reach out to us at if interested.

You can also go the DIY route if you're planning a book tour if you have a smaller budget and are willing to put in the time and effort of researching venues, contacting bookstore owners, librarians, etc., and promoting your events.

Are virtual book tours an option?

Yes! You can host a variety of events that are either virtual or in-person depending on your preferences. Doing a mix of virtual and in-person events is a great way to give those who can't attend in-person signings or readings the opportunity to learn more about your book(s).

If you choose to do a virtual book tour, it's still important to ensure your events are interesting to those in attendance. Plan ways to engage your digital audience throughout your events by introducing games, sharing behind-the-scenes info about creating your book, and more!

You'll also want to prioritize marketing if you do a virtual book tour; since people who happen to be at the library or bookstore won't see you at a physical location, make sure you're still connecting with potential readers to let them know about your book tour! Again, you can choose to market your book tour yourself, hire someone to do the marketing for you, or you can do a bit of both, which is often a great way to get readers who are familiar with you and those who aren't informed about your events.

Even though book tours can sound intimidating at first, they don't have to be! Customize your book tour to create memorable events that are all about sharing the book you created after so much hard work, and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Have you ever been on a book tour? Or, have you considered a book tour as an option for marketing your book? If so, reach out and let us know, and we can connect you with Jean Sime, our vivaacious VIP Marketing Concierge! 

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